copyright issues related to Southern Standard Mold products


Understanding copyright issues

Copyright laws are in the best interest of all law-abiding citizens. The vast majority of our designs are copyright protected because they represent intellectual property for which we have made a substantial monetary investment.

Understand that our designs begin with an artist who painstakingly produces an "original" model. This model then becomes the genesis of all molds that will be produced for that item. We contract with the artists themselves or purchase the rights to designs that already exist.

We feel it only fair that our mold business be protected by laws that give us the ability to take legal action when we know that duplicates of our molds have been made. When you purchase one of our molds, you are granted the right to make and sell as many products as you long as they are produced from that original mold. Manufacturing another mold for the purposes of making copy items or otherwise duplicating our designs is strictly prohibited. Below are some common misconceptions about copyrights.

  • "A copyright runs out after 10 years."
    FALSE. Copyrights do not have a 10-year limit or any kind and are indeed transferable to heirs or in legal transfers of ownership. For instance, we have transferred copyrights on molds/designs from their original owners to us when we have purchased other companies or legally agreed to sell products from other manufacturers.
  • "You can change a statue seven ways and legally copy it."
    FALSE. You could basically change every square inch but one of a statue and the copyright would still be valid.
  • "If a statue/mold does not have the © symbol, date and name, then it's really not copyrighted."
    FALSE. While most copyright owners do identify their statues with these marks, it is NOT required under the latest copyright laws.
  • "So, just go ahead and sue me! I don't have anything of value that you can take!"
    FALSE. Nobody looks forward to heading to court (except maybe a lawyer). But damages that result from a judgment for copyright infringement can not only be applied to current assets, but may even be applied to future earnings. Even more significant is that willful infringement can result in civil and criminal action consisting of misdemeanors or felonies under criminal liability 18 USC other words, PRISON TIME.

In conclusion, those who duplicate our designs (steal them!) are, in effect, no different from those who reach into someone else's billfold and steal money. We hope you will be respectful of copyright laws and our position on this matter. The longtime survival and success of our company, not to mention the ability to continue to supply our users with great mold products, depend upon it.


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