frequently asked questions about Southern Standard and its concrete mold products


Frequently asked questions about Southern Standard & its molds

Am I under any obligation to the public/my customers?

Yes! You owe it to your customers to make the finest product possible. The public is extremely product-conscious, so you should tell your clientele about any measures they can take to prevent any unlikely accident — even if by misuse (such as a child swinging on a bird bath bowl). Don't take any shortcuts.

For instance, tell customers that there is a possibility that if a child grabs the edge of a bowl of a bird bath, it could cause the bird bath to topple and cause injury. Further advise customers that the installation of a bird bath or fountain should include anchoring the pedestal to the ground and permanently attaching the bowl and anything inside it to the top of the pedestal. Even statuary should be permanently attached to whatever it is placed upon.

Since Southern Standard has no way of controlling how your final products are eventually used, it disclaims all liability for incidental and consequential damages that might arise from your products. If you are concerned about possible misuse of your products, product liability insurance is available from a number of insurers as protection for you. In any business, obtaining solid insurance coverage is a sensible decision.


Our website gives you access to hundreds of designs originally developed by Milwaukee Concrete Studios as well as others from our own Southern Standard Molds collection. Enjoy browsing through our online catalog and store. You can make your purchases via major credit card.

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