frequently asked questions about Southern Standard and its concrete mold products


Frequently asked questions about Southern Standard & its molds

Can I buy on credit from Southern Standard Molds, Inc.?

Fortunately, no! We offer no credit or time payment plans. This prevents our having to "up" the prices of our molds to make up for those who don't pay and also means you do not have to worry about people of lesser caliber going into cut-throat competition with you.

We will point out that if you choose to pay for your molds using your credit card, you are potentially purchasing on credit. But that is between you and your card issuer.

Also, many people engage in manufacturing concrete items made from our molds as a business, and as such, they obtain business financing from their own bank or lending institution. If you are serious about making a go of it in business, we suggest that you obtain counseling from a reputable source. One such place would be SCORE ( This organization, consisting mainly of retired business exectutives, offers FREE and CONFIDENTIAL advice to businesses or those seeking to start a business. There are SCORE volunteers located throughout the USA.

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Our website gives you access to hundreds of designs originally developed by Milwaukee Concrete Studios as well as others from our own Southern Standard Molds collection. Enjoy browsing through our online catalog and store. You can make your purchases via major credit card.

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