frequently asked questions about Southern Standard and its concrete mold products


Frequently asked questions about Southern Standard & its molds

Which items will sell the best?

Generally speaking, the answer is bird baths (or their close cousins, fountains) and planters...and it doesn't seem to make much difference which designs you choose. [Animal figurines are also very popular.]

But, there is no one particular item that stands out above all the rest.  Human nature is one thing no one can explain. People in one area will go wild over a particular concrete item, whereas in another locality it is something different. A number of our largest customers began making items such as animals as a hobby.  The sales were so numerous that they ordered more molds from time to time and eventually the hobby became an enjoyable full-time business employing a number of people. 

As you browse through this website, you will probably see many items that you know will sell well in your locality.  Talk to your friends, show them the pictures, feel them out.  This is an easy and very good way to wisely choose your first molds.

Your first molds should be for items that will sell rapidly.  Then, as your sales grow, you can invest the profits in larger, more expensive molds.


Our website gives you access to hundreds of designs originally developed by Milwaukee Concrete Studios as well as others from our own Southern Standard Molds collection. Enjoy browsing through our online catalog and store. You can make your purchases via major credit card.

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