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Site Map

       Petal Fountains
               3-Tier Fountain
               Flower Fountain
               Large Rebecca Fountain
               Love Dove Fountain
               Love Doves Overflow Fountain
               Magnolia Fountain
               Rebecca Fountain
               Small Lily Fountain
               Spring Rain Fountain
               Spring Showers Fountain
               Spring Showers Overflow Fountain
               Spring Water Fountain
               Springwater Overflow Fountain
       Petal Fountain Tops
               Large Rebecca Figure
               Love Doves
               Magnolia Top
               Spring Rain & Umbrella
               Spring Showers & Umbrella
               Spring Water
       Shell Fountains
               Adriene Fountain
               Boy Riding Turtle Fountain
               Boy Watering Ducks Fountain
               Cattail Fountain
               Double Squirrel Fountain
               Dutch Girl Fountain
               Dutch Girl Fountain
               Dutch Girl Fountain
               Jamie Lynn Fountain
               Jamie Lynn Fountain
               Laura Fountain
               Lotus Girl Fountain
               Lotus Girl Fountain
               Well Girl Fountain
               Well Girl Fountain
               Well Girl Fountain
       Shell Fountain Tops
               Boy Riding Turtle
               Boy Watering Ducks
               Dutch Girl
               Jamie Lynn
               Lotus Girl
               Well Girl
       Abstract Original Fountains
               Baby Elephant Fountain
               Belgium Brook Fountain
               Bubbler Children
               Cherub Trio Fountain
               Cherub with Fish Fountain
               Cut Rock Fountain
               Cut Rock w/ Water Bell
               Doves Cove Fountain
               Navaho Shadow Fountain
               Oriental Turtle Boy Fountain
               Rafters Pond Fountain
               Skipper Fountain
               Tea Rock Fountain
               Wyoming Spring Rock
       Natural Falls Fountains
               Bear/Fish Fountain
               Beaver Fountain
               Cardinal Fountain
               Climbing Bear Fountain
               Driftwater Fountain
               Driftwater Fountain without Pedestal
               Large Eagle Fountain
               Large Wild Duck Fountain
               Pheasant Fountain
               Racoon Fountain
               Racoon Waterfall Fountain
               Rafters Fountain
               Raintree Fountain
               Raintree Fountain
               Small Eagle Fountain
               St. Francis Fountain
               Three Cubs in a Fountain
               Three Cubs in a Fountain
               Wild Duck Fountain
               Wilderness Encounter Fountain
       Paradise Fountains
               Dolphin Boy Fountain
               Lilly Pond Frog Fountain
               Paradise Fountain
               Puppy Love Fountain
       Classic Fountains
               Abbey Overflow Fountain
               Mermaid Fountain
       Rainbarrel Fountains
               Jamie Lynn 2-Tier Fountain
               John Boy Fountain
               Seagull Delight Fountain
               Sundown Fountain
       Misc. Fountains
               Double Bird Fountain
               Dragons & Castles Fountain
               Girl Studies Frog
               Magnolia Fountain
               Miner Fountain
               Ole Mill Fountain
               Sunflower Fountain
               Well Pump Fountain
       Fountain/Pool Accessories
               Frog on Lilly Pad
               Turtle On Chair (Spurting)
Oriental Motif Items
          Arched Japanese Lantern
          Bamboo Base
          Cantilevered Lantern
          Foo Dog
          Greeting Hotei
          Large Lantern
          Large Standing Hwan Yin
          Medium Dragon
          Medium Maiden
          Medium Mandarin
          Oriental Planter
          Oriental Stepping Stone
          Sitting Hotei
          Sitting Hwan Yin
          Small Dragon
          Small Foo Dog
          Small Foo Dog
          Small Lantern
          Small Maiden
          Small Mandarin
          Small Sitting Hotei
          Snow Lantern
          Standing Hwan Yin
          Tall Lantern
          Abbey Birdbath
          Birchwood Birdbath
          Brick Birdbath
          Bunnie Birdbath
          Butterfly Dish
          Cat Dish
          Cat Trio Birdbath (& gazing ball holder)
          Column Birdbath
          Cutstone Birdbath
          Dogwood Birdbath
          Eden Birdbath
          Feeder Birdbath
          Fernleaf Birdbath
          Hearts Content Birdbath
          Lamp Post Birdbath
          Maple Leaf Birdbath
          Morning Glory Birdbath
          Mushroom Birdbath
          Nautilus Dish
          Oakwood Birdbath
          Olive Branch Birdbath
          Paca Birdbath w/dove
          Pelican Pier Birdbath
          Pompeii Birdbath
          Raccoon Stump Birdbath
          Rococo Birdbath w/Bird
          Rococo Birdbath w/Bird
          Ruffle Birdbath
          Serrated Birdbath
          Seville Birdbath
          Squirrel Birdbath
          Stucco Birdbath
          Sunflower Birdbath
          Tom's Anticipation Birdbath
          Treehouse Birdbath
          Two Bear Cubs Birdbath
          Wildflower Dish
Religious Figures
          Angel on a Cloud
          Angel with Roses
          Lady of Fatima
          Large Madonna
          Large St. Francis
          Reclining Angel
          Sacred Heart
          Sitting Angel
          Small Madonna
          Small Sitting Angel
          Small St. Francis
          St. Anthony
          St. Fiacre
          St. Francis
          St. Francis
          St. Francis
       Classic Planter Styles
               Acanthus Urn
               Basketweave Planter
               Boston Urn
               Brick Planter
               Cherub Planter
               Cherub Wall Planter
               Desert Paint Planter
               Fernleaf Planter
               Flower Planter
               Gardener Urn
               Large Abbey Planter
               Large Grape Urn
               Large Grecian Urn
               Large Lotus Urn
               Large Normandy Planter
               Large Roman Urn
               Large Tudor Planter
               Leaf Urn
               Medium Abbey Planter
               Medium Roman Urn
               Mini Abbey Planter
               Normandy Planter
               Pedestal for Grape Urn
               Pueblo Planter
               Small Abbey Planter
               Small Grecian Urn
               Small Lotus Urn
               Small Tudor Planter
               Winston Urn
       Animal Theme Planters
               Bunnie Basket Planter
               Bunnie Planter
               Butterfly Planter
               Cabbage Rabbit Planter
               Carrot Rabbits Basket Planter
               Donkey & Cart
               Donkey w/Cart Planter
               Donkey with Cart
               Double Bear Planter
               Duckling Planter
               Fox Planter
               Goose Planter
               Large Donkey Planter
               Large Swan Planter
               Large Turtle Planter
               Medium Donkey Planter
               Medium Turtle Planter
               Oakwood Bunnies Planter
               Oakwood Planter
               Owl Planter
               Raccoon Planter
               Small Donkey Planter
               Small Swan Planter
               Small Turtle Planter
               Swan Planter
       Basket Planters
               Basket with Bow
               Basket with Bow
               Carrot Rabbits Basket Planter
               Carrot Rabbits Basket Planter
               Cat Basket
               Large Country Basket
               Spring Flower Basket Planter
               Wicker Basket Planter
       Misc. Planters
               Boss Dwarf Planter
               Dwarf on Keg
               Dwarf w/ Deer Planter
               Dwarf w/ Wheelbarrow
               Dwarfette Planter
               Extra Small Sunflower Pot
               Large Sunflower Pot
               Medium Sunflower Pot
               Sleeping Dwarf Planter
Animal Figures
       Dogs & Cats
               Cocker Spaniel
               Dog w/Basket
               Dog with Basket
               Fire Hydrant
               Lab Pups
               Medium Bulldog
               Puppy on a Pillow
               Siamese Cat
               Siamese Cat
               Sitting Cat
               Sleeping Cat
               Twin Pups
               Boy Goose
               Canadian Goose
               Dutch Goose
               Farm Goose
               Feeding Duck
               Franklin Goose
               Girl Goose
               Large Goose
               Medium Eagle
               Pelican Pair
               Seagull Landed
               Snow Goose
               Standing Eagle
               Wild Duck
       Farm Animals
               Boy Pig
               Chicken w/ Chicks
               Draft Horse
               Girl Pig
               Large Carousel Horse
               Pig w/ Piglets
               Reclining Colt
               Sitting Pig
               Sitting Pig
               Small Horse/Unicorn
               Baby Bunny
               Baby Skunk
               Climbing Squirrel
               Double Rabbit
               Hedge Hog in Hole
               Hedge Hog in Pot
               Large Double Frog
               Large Rabbit
               Large Squirrel
               Large Toad
               Mamma Bunny
               Medium Double Frog
               Mother Rabbit
               Oakwood Squirrel
               Pappa Bunny
               Raccoon w/ Pear
               Reclining Rabbit
               Sitting Fox
               Small Double Frog
               Small Reclining Rabbit
               Small Standing Rabbit
               Standing Rabbit
               Turtle On Rock
       Animals Characters
               Baby Bunny
               Boy Bunny
               Buddy Squirrel
               Bumble Bee
               Cello Frog
               Clarinet Frog
               Dinosaur Egg
               Dinosaur Set
               Frog With Attitude
               Frogs on Bench
               Girl Bunny
               Guitar Frog
               Hatching Dinosaur Egg
               Lady Bug
               Large Frog
               Mamma Bunny
               Pappa Bunny
               Reclining Frog
               Small Aligator
               Small Turtle Planter
               Top Hat Frog
               Turtle On Chair
               Curled Fawn
               Double Deer
               Life Size Reclining Buck
               Life Size Reclining Doe
               Medium Fawn
               Medium Reclining Buck
               Medium Reclining Doe
               Medium Standing Buck
               Medium Standing Doe
               Small Recling Fawn
               Standing Fawn
       Exotic/Mythical Animals
               Baby Gargoyle
               Large 3-Piece Dragon
               Lion, Left Facing
               Lion, Right Facing
               Reclining Lion
               Small Horse/Unicorn
               Small Reclining Lion
       Patio Pets Collection
               Crawling Squirrel
               Double Bird
               Mourning Dove
               Patio Pets Set
               Standing Squirrel
Patio Items
       Tables & Benches
               Angel and Roses Bench
               Angel Bench
               Bear Cub Bench
               Bunnie Bench
               Fairy and Dragons Bench
               Grape Ivy Bench
               Iris Bench
               Ivy Curved Bench
               Ivy Straight Bench
               Ivy Table
               Lannon Table
               Pier Table
               Raccoon Stump Table
               Sunflower Bench
               Two Bunny Bench
       Ornaments, Pedestals & Accessories
               Bunnie Stepping Stone
               Cat Trio Birdbath (& gazing ball holder)
               Cherub Pedestal
               Covered Wagon
               Griffin Pedestal
               Large Corinthian
               Large Pedestal
               Lion Base
               Lion, Left Facing
               Lion, Right Facing
               Medium Pedestal
               Pineaple Pedestal
               Reclining Lion
               Small Corinthian
               Small Reclining Lion
               Sphere Pedestal
               Sunflower Gazing Ball Pedestal
       Human, Realistic & Whimsical
               Batter Ryan
               Bored Fisher Girl
               Boy w/ Bird
               Boy w/ Bunnie
               Boy w/ Puppy
               Catcher Kevin
               Dutch Boy
               Dutch Girl
               Fisher Boy
               Fisher Boy
               Fisher Girl
               Girl w/ Kitten
               Tom Sawyer
       Dwarfs, Gnomes
               Boss Dwarf Planter
               Dwarf on Keg
               Dwarf on Turtle
               Dwarf w/ Deer Planter
               Dwarf w/ Wheelbarrow
               Dwarfette Planter
               Sleeping Dwarf Planter
       Mushrooms, Toadstools
               Large Triple Mushrooms
               Morel Mushroom
               Small Toadstools
               Small Triple Mushrooms
       Statue Classics
               Cattle Skull
               Howling Coyote Pup
               Roman Maiden
               Small Cactus

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